The Cat’s Mother…

I was born and bred in the West of Sydney and because of this, my husband, Stephen thinks I should really be wearing flannelette shirts and ug boots – a lot he knows coming from Melbourne… I met Stephen at a bonfire night (I’m sure this is significant…) one Queens’ Birthday weekend, (also significant…) and married two years later. Some twenty years down the track we’ve had five children, and shifted from state to state by order of the Australian Defence Forces.

After arriving in Port Stephens area, we built our dream home and I settled down to the task of writing and within two years had written four books, seven songs, written and illustrated a children’s book, and had several poems published.

It soon also became apparent, however, that moving around so much had unsettled us, and once we’d stopped long enough to re-group, realised that our journey had only really just begun. So, a couple of exciting, challenging, interesting years later we relocated the entire family to South Wales. This move was infinitely better for me as a writer also, as the castles and tradition were more readily available to research – hands on, and Stephen has a great job involving business trips to the EU. The opportunities and travel from here are more than satisfactory and the kids are enjoying their lifestyle, so five years on we’re still here.



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