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“I am surrounded by imprints of the past where the heavy atmosphere of ancient times assembles on the periphery of my vision, and its consciousness becomes a measure of my life…” Tracey Lee Hoy 

Born in Australia, I grew up in the historic Hawkesbury region of Western Sydney in a large, noisy, and very creative family. My love for writing emerged as a small child with a limitless imagination. I was a creative, sometimes mischievous child who spent school days getting into trouble for for messy handwriting and for daydreaming out of the classroom window.

From early on I discovered that I loved to write and draw. I remember with clarity, the moments spent day-dreaming and the way that I perceived the world as a magical place where the impossible could happen and often wondered why others did not see the world in the same way. I often felt very different to my peers, but loved who I was. In primary school, I had an extra special teacher, who was the first teacher to tell me that I had an extraordinary gift. I was astounded but, basking in her praise, and support, I excelled. No matter what happened after that, I felt I had a real purpose and by 10 years of age, knew that one day I would to write a book.

Grade 1bb
After my school leavers exams I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the school received special mention of my short story entrance which came within the top one percent over the state in 1980. I have had several poems published in the US and UK, and some years ago wrote two short, humorous screen sketches for a local radio station which was aired on a Radio Station in Western Sydney in the mid-eighties. Growing up in a house with five wild, fiery girls—all unconventional and creative, breathing and passion for life was a blessing. Our mother; a gifted pianist who studied at Sydney’s Conservatory of music passed on her love of both listening and playing music and also of her deep love of the sea. Our father God rest his soul, was a family businessman with a simple faith, and deep wisdom who taught me that striving to achieve is within every persons own capability.

Back then, Science fiction fascinated me and I loved The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and the Stephen Donaldson’s – The Covenant of Thomas the Unbeliever. It was only as I became an adult that I began to turn back the clock and read Historical Fiction. These days I read a variety of material and particularly enjoy some Contemporary works by Irish women such as Marian Keyes, Sheila Flanagan, Cathy Kelly and Maeve Binchy. Second World War novels are also of great interest and I also indulge in the odd Sci-fi.

In anticipation of my first published book in 2007 I was jittery and wondered what would happen if my first book wasn’t good enough for the readers. One of my sisters; a published author still living the historic Hawkesbury region, remarked, “Every author has a first book.” I thought that a simple, yet profound statement and one which was to give me a lot of reassurance and confidence.

Researching for my writing is a satisfying pastime for me living here. Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England and the traditions, history, legends and lore from these lands are so subtly intertwined are the perfect settings for my stories. Living in Wales has taught me many things – not least of all that it is a land with strong ancient and traditional ties with much legend and lore that the affable Welsh folk are willing to share. The breathtaking hills and mountains, unpredictable weather, castles and traditions are a source of much inspiration. 

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