Characters in Brief

Jack Gruffydd is a Welshman with Irish connections. He has a little psychic power which he thinks he inherited, and is troubled by dreams of a location he’s never seen. A little impulsive, he lives by a decent bit of charm and impatience to move along in life in a direction he’s yet to find—that is until he meets the raven-haired Kate, who could turn his world into a more frightening place. Kathleen Mary O’Donaghue is one very determined Irish girl with a deep connection with history, an athletic figure and quick wit. Determined in one area—to solve the swirling, tangle of emotions surrounding her family heirloom which clouds almost her every moment.  

Rhee Llewellyn is a fair-haired, green eyed young woman who’s a bit of a daydreamer with a penchant for History and is an avid reader. Anything but average, apart from her looks and in possession of a remarkable inner resolve, she is all the same unsure of her bearing in life—feeling often like she is way too different from others to be quite comfortable. Although enjoying her job in the Nursery, Rhee’s own childhood was a strange sketchy place, filled with doctors and flashes of weird places and strong smells. She is seeking something indefinable, and sometimes despairs of ever meeting someone decent she can settle down with. She thinks that moving closer to her family might be what she needs.Sascha – Rhee’s overprotective and serious older sister tends to be a bit bossy and feels like she has to look after her younger sister. She is married to Jon and has Jacob, Caitlin and Josh, and is due to have their fourth baby soon. She is intelligent and finds life easy, and believes that Rhee needs to be more organised, and level headed to succeed. 

Rhys Gruffydd is a strong, rugged warrior and well liked, but somewhat tenacious man with dark hair and eyes, and Chieftain of Conwy. Tall and muscular, his shoulder length, raven hair he tied back in a braid. He is loyal, yet ruthless. He is the main male character.Dowager, Maeve Gruffydd is a formidable woman with an uncanny ability to foresee events, and together with her direct speech and impatient personality, she is a strong character who does not like to be thwarted. Widowed when her two sons, Rhys and Eamon were young, she has become like father and mother and kept Conwy running until Rhys came of age, but has a soft spot she prefers to hide, which originates with the love of her late husband, whom she misses very much. 

Dafydd Maelgwyn is the Chieftain of Rhuddlan and well liked by his people. He values his Welsh heritage and respects the old ways while acquiescing in the laws of the King, but harbours hatred of Kind Edward II for removing his beloved son and heir. Dafydd is a quiet and steadfast warrior, but with a will of iron. Eloign Maelgwyn is wife to Dafydd, and a small, delicate woman. She knows her place and mainly defers to her husband. She tends to be more emotional than she would like to be after the tragedies that have shaped her life, yet is becoming stronger as she ages, and possesses a quiet wisdom. Toriad Maelgwyn – Eldest son of Dafydd and Eloign Maelgwyn, and heir to Rhuddlan. A serious natured boy who, after being kidnapped and raised as ward of the King developed a somewhat hard nature, sardonic personality and a mistrust in people and life. Senana Clwyd – daughter of the fiery red haired, corpulent Lord Gideon Clwyd, his wife Isabella, and sister of
Elizabeth; were owners vast land holdings in neighbouring Holywell, and frequent guests at Rhuddlan. Senana is an intelligent, beautiful and spirited young woman who loves to converse intelligently and is a fiery redhead. Their ‘Jewel from
Scotland,’ her mother oft says of her. 

Sent into service to Rhuddlan castle at the tender age of six, by thirteen, Morag was wed to Gerald the castle falconer and went on to have six children, though only the two youngest survived; Maire and her younger brother Owain was eight and had gone into service at the castle as stable hand. Morag has seen and knows many things and keeps a good eye on the people she cares for.  She tolerates no nonsense, yet is kind and motherly. Half Scot, Maire has grown up in Rhuddlan with Rhianna and although was her mistress’s maid, was also as close as sisters would be. Wise and almost as intuitive as her mother, the canny brunette is secretly trysting with Liam Fitzpatrick of Dolwyddelan –  handsome flaxen haired man with an Irish father who married a beautiful Norman heiress at Dolwyddelan. Liam is quite taken with the raven-haired Maire, despite Maire being an unsuitable match. Rylan Burgess – bastard brother to King Edward II. Hardened, mercenary type, yet austere in some ways. Believing in miracles, he has ideas of grandiose in his plans sire a babe of his King’s enemy to make a imprudent claim for the crown. Grey lined his bristly dark hair and he enjoys people’s displeasure. 

Galen Belshaw looks and acts like a Gypsy, moving stealthily through peoples’ lives, weaving, waiting and is an integral part of the tapestry woven so long ago by legend. He possesses the gift inherited though his family but has strong connections to more than one era. 


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