Summary of Rhuddlan

Welsh-born Jack Gruffydd who is drawn across the Irish Sea by Kate O’Donaghue with her mysterious request, though at he wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was that she wanted from him, however the odd connection is mutual and between them lay an ancient peat-bog cross that had been handed down for many generations in the O’Donaghue family.

Kate O’Donaghue is certain that Jack is a vital element of the mystery she has been seeking answers to. Somehow they are connected to the entity of time and to the Year of Our Lord 503AD where the Gruffydd Legend is born with over a thousand years in between, and touching generations of Gruffydds’ to come.

During the winter harvests time of Samhain 1290AD, ill-portent seizes the plump serving woman, Morag—for a vision seen in the Samhain fire boded the worst kind of evil, and as faithful friend also to the Maelgwyns’, she fears what is to come. Soon after, on All Souls day, a children’s outing to the forest rock pool ends in tragedy as a nobles’ young son is seized by mercenaries of King Edward II, and as she watches her brother being taken away, the trauma has a devastating effect on one tiny girl.

In 1312AD, devastating loss plagues Rhianna Maelgwyn after the departure of her secret companion—the blue-eyed nomad who steals her heart, she can never accept her fate and is unwilling to face her impending nuptials. She would rather die.Twenty-first century, Rhee Llewellyn finds her dreams too vivid, and her mood changes were beginning to worry her as much as her sister, Sascha’s bossy nurturing. Finding the ancient looking chest without knowing the contents was as exciting as her encounter with the enigmatic traveller, however she is unprepared for her the effect of its contents. After a series of connected events Rhee is shocked to awaken in 1312AD in Rhuddlan Castle where everybody is preparing for her wedding to legendary Chieftain, Lord Rhys Gruffydd.

Gruffydd is determined to marry his recalcitrant betrothed, and will tolerate no more delays, however she feels. A skirmish in the woods énroute to Conwy, sees him suffers a grave injury at the hands of the king’s mercenaries. Rhys awakens convalescing at Rhuddlan when Rhianna finally decides to see the man to whom she is betrothed, however, the intense fascination was unexpected, and their spontaneous attraction has repercussions. 

The brigand who injured Gruffydd is oddly familiar to Eloign and Dafydd Maelgwyn, and they are shocked to discover his identity. Meanwhile, King Edward king sends Rylan, a more sinister and twisted soul to do his bidding to tame the Welsh nobles, who triggers a frantic chase across the Irish Sea toward grave misunderstandings and perhaps tragedy.Rhianna’s time in the strange Maenan Abbey bring her pain and grief, however her periods of memory loss troubled her more, however, it’s the final letter from the strange Gypsy on her wedding day, which throws Rhianna into the depths of that swirling whiteness for one last time.


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