Book Release & Promotion

P2210029Rhuddlan Book Promotion

May 2009 – Some feedback starting to filter through from the London Book Fair.

April 2009 – Trip to Ireland. Dublin Waterstones and other book store in Dawson Street, Dublin. They have all agreed to stock providing managers agree.

London Book Fair 2009

November 2008 – Trip to London: Waterstones Piccadilly Store. They said YES they would stock my book.

October – Letters to superfluous contacts in New York, Sydney, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Melbourne, Belfast, London.

September – Two media contacts have replied this month. Newport Waterstones in Wales agreed to stock book.

August – Written to 200 Media contacts and included a business postcard.       Several Waterstones Stores around Greater London have sold several copies very quickly.

June – List of 200 Media Contacts arrived. My turn to follow up each contact!!

May – Book Signing Kit arrived today! Large posters on good quality card, the invitation cards, and A4 posters. Customised Bookmarks, Postcards and Business Cards arrived. Press Release out to over 300 Media outlets across the UK this week. We wait with baited breath to see what transpires…

Watch this space for progress leading to up & coming events: Book Signings etc.


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