Driving Mum Around The Corner…

Has your life ever flashed before your very eyes? Have you ever given your teenager driving lessons? If your answer to either of these questions is no, then stop reading – because you will not understand what it’s like to be sitting in the passenger side of your own vehicle, hanging onto the arm-grip for dear life, watching the kerb/lightpoles whipping past closer than you’ve ever seen them, calling, ‘Kerb…kerb…KERB! Poles…poles…POLES!’

Never before had I spared a single ounce of thought for those poor, selfless, and probably now penniless parents after shelling out for the insurance for their under 18 driver. Now I think of them all the time because I am one. It’s like life has taken on a different meaning. Life is more risky, definitely more perilous. I suppose this early philosophical stage is as short lived as it takes for the Learner Driver to become somewhat more proficient, but the mounting fear when I see those [L] plates come out of the glove compartment is comparable with that terrifying moment of stillness at the peak of the highest rollercoaster just prior to tipping towards that death-defying, vertical hill. Well, yes I am exaggerating now…but if I didn’t, those of you who for some (cowardly) reason are unsympathetic, will get a better understanding.

So when you see one of us driving down the road, fear in the whites of our eyes – please, please at least give us a sympathetic smile, or wave, or else we might just follow you down the lane…


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