Licence For The Lyrical…

Pertaining, adapted, or sung to the lyre, or composing poems to be sung to the lyre: ancient Greek lyric odes.

“A little madness is a fine thing and gives license for the lyrical…”

Being a writer is a mad thing in itself, yet writing comes from some place inside which, if you weren’t mad in the beginning then you soon will be. The crazy thing is that writing often emerges along with a multitude of other thoughts, plans, worries and daily narratives. License for the lyrical is something I dreamed up to use to give me the freedom to use writing to express any kind of madness I desire. Lyrical is generally used to describe songs, but can be also used to describe poetry. Because I also write songs and play instruments, the lyrical is a nice way to describe even a mundane piece of work.

The main source of madness is in life itself. The daily things that make life so difficult inspire a humorous writer to invoke the power of madness and within this madness, license to create the lyrical…

The humorous article is one of the most pleasurable and popular writing on the internet. This writing truly borders on the inane, insane drivel that most normal people choose not to entertain. Things like, dust bunnies, cat’s poop, frivolous analogy, misfortune, strife, work and children are all good foundations for the humorous article. Seeing the funny side of life is sometimes problematic as other people don’t always share the humorous, and the funny side of a situation to me isn’t exactly how others will see it.

Do you remember those kids in your class who would smile or giggle laugh when the teacher started shouting, only to get themselves into more serious trouble than the kid that was being shouted at? Well…that was me. And although the cane helped me to learn to stifle this urge somewhat, I still found it hard to contain my mirth at times – taking great delight in the warm, humorous side life offered. For example, one of my lovable Aunts once bellowed at my naughty young cousin (who’d painted the toilet with foul excrement and then blamed us older kids) was truly more than I could bear. “You wicked, dreadful creatures…blah, blah…”  and of course, the barely concealed laughter condemned us both. Sometimes the more life throws at you, the more you need to see the humorous side else you would find true madness….

Light be the earth upon you, lightly rest.  Euripides (484 BC – 406 BC), Alcestis, 438 B.C.



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