What Brainstem?

Further proof of my theory that the brain stem does indeed thin considerably during adolescence:
A light brown smoke had slowly filtered past the working smoke alarms, curled down the hallway and into the loungeroom to me. Yes, I had forgotten my steaming veg and the pot had duly incinerated itself upon itself.. and my blocked nose helped not one bit.
As I rushed into the kitchen, I saw my 13 yr old son and his friend leaning either side of the stove casually drinking their coffee milkshakes, (probably discussing the rising costs of bread and eggs) amidst a haze of light brown smoke which poured dangerously from the pot like a volcano pre-eruption. They glanced up at me with mild surprise as I rushed in and started flinging insults, beginning with “You stupid buggers…”
“What? What..?” They said, blinking owlishly in defence – and thirty years between the both of them.
‘What’ indeed…

Watch this space…it’s going to get smaller…thinner….


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