Current Issues

Decided recently to seek out a decent agent (again). I’m lazy when it comes to this business. Give me a book to write or edit ANYDAY but task me with writing a Synopsis (Oooh I break out in a rash when I even write that word…) Query letter, Cover letter or looking for an agent who is actually willing to read something you’ve written – oh, and most importantly, enjoy it enough to want to sign you up to his favourite publisher.

I am really happy to report that these marketing strategies are finally beginning to pay off and whilst there is a long way to go, it is a large step forward. Some booksellers are even out of stock, (one particular store in the UK sold quite a few books within a short period of time.) so my suggestion to you is if you want to buy the book, and it isn’t on their shelves, to simply ask your bookstore to get it in for you. This is the cheapest way of buying Rhuddlan.

The other way to get hold of it is to ask your local library to order the book in for you. I donated a copy of Rhuddlan to our local Mobile Library and it is reported that it’s rarely on the shelf. I happened to be in there one day when it actually was on the shelf, and was unprepared for the wonderful feeling of seeing Rhuddlan there amongst famous authors!

 My marketing consists of a building web blog on which features my book, extracts, articles and active links to purchase.

I join forums using my URL as a signature, and have written over 200 letters including my press release and a postcard to various media contacts in the UK and Ireland, and have just followed these up recently with emails, and next step will be phone calls.

 I am now planning a few more trips about the place to Promote my Book – ie: Physically presenting myself in London, Dublin and other big cities, saying, ‘Please…I beg of you, take pity on a poor writer and stock my book, will you?’ This works…sometimes.

 Watch this space, but don’t go to sleep.

I am seeking an agent to represent my next book as I want to write…not tramp the street like a wild gypsy in search of an elusive Catch 22 in some kind old book seller willing to take on an unknown.


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