A Green Planet

It might not be World War II, but we are increasingly being called upon to ‘do our bit’ – not to fight for our country but for our planet and our safety now and for the future. Some people are still debating and arguing about whether climate change is occurring but the scary thing is we don’t have time to waste and need to take action. It’s so easy not to bother and sit all cosy in apparent apathy playing on the internet, going about our daily business and ignoring the increasing warning signs gathering on Earth.

 Reading some figures published recently, I noticed that the Global Mean Temperature fell dramatically during 1940 – 1950 and Co2 levels remained static , obviously because resources were scarce and people were recycling and most people were – out of necessity and conscious, ‘doing their bit for the war effort’.

Do your bit towards reducing your carbon footprint and try to increase your effort daily. Use your email contacts to pass on your ideas and share ideas between your contacts. Set up or join/visit eco-websites to keep up with innovative new ideas and share your own. Talk to older family members who lived through the war. What little tips can they give us? Talk to friends and co-workers about what they’re doing. Other people can have great ideas. Encourage your workplace to take a look at what they can do both in the workplace and in getting the message through to co-workers. Create a bulletin board for car-pooling and recycling etc. Look at the larger scale – are there things we can do in the community or in our schools to bring about more awareness on making a big difference today – rather than tomorrow. Speak to people at the clubs and organisations you belong to about sharing ideas etc.

I have redoubled our efforts at home etc – our recycling efforts have paid off and we have very little proper waste. All our food waste is picked up by the council now as well. Our family is trying to go to bed an hour earlier – like the family’s own little Earth Hour. We rarely used the clothes dryer all week! We erected a permanent rail in the laundry and hung our clothes up on hangers, (a feat in the wet UK climate). Bought some Eco washing balls which use a type of mineral and last for between 2-3 years! These have no chemicals which mean also that we aren’t subjecting ourselves to the harsh added chemicals that stay in the fibres of our clothes and costs less than £10 per year. We’ve switched to 100% Green energy this week and are actually going to save money. We now have almost all energy saving lightbulbs except the kitchen ones which I’m not sure about.

This is not a feel-good exercise, nor a debate over whether climate change is occurring or not, just a healthy exchange of ideas to do our bit.

It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle change.

I’m interested in what ideas other people have.



Watch this video > How to make a great Newspaper bag!

Union of Concerned Scientists Green Power options

Eco Shopping Online:  Ethical Superstore  The Green Store  Nigel’s Eco Store

Recycled Glass Products

Image URL from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Earth Day


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