Early Switch Off!

We are missing so much of our lives by constantly being plugged in and entertained and are risking more than we realise by allowing our children to fill their eyes and ears and not being allowed to be children and play like we used to. The consequences are going to be disasterous. Already many children prefer staying home playing their game consoles and their only social contact is onine social networks. Soon playing outside after school will have disappeared along with their normality as our we watch our children become strange indoor freaks who demand the right to be plugged in to every device imaginable. They will never be happy with what they have, or don’t have if you continue to give in to them because many parents mistakenly believe that giving in to their demands and buying them everything is being a good parent, but it’s absolutely NOT. Children today are more restless and more hungry for the newest and best. What about you? You’re slaving away at work just to buy them all this junk that is no good for them anyway. My kids used to say, oh but everyone else has the newest stuff! Somewhat embarrassed one day I told my friend what our kids had been saying and she said that hers were saying the exact same thing. The feeling of power of your life and of being in control of your family suddenly makes you wonder why you gave up control in the beginning and has a great ripple effect in everything you do.

It’s quite simple. Learn to say NO.

Set clear boundaries and rules including the use of electronic entertainment. It’s be the best thing you could give your children apart from your love and time. Your life will actually be easier because your chidlren will soon stop whining for this game or that new console as they’ll learn you don’t give in much anymore, and they will see this new determination in your eyes and learn a grudging respect for your decisions. They will be happier and not take things for granted if you say ‘no’ more often.  There are other concerned parents out there. Stick together and learn to say no and make a better life for our kids and ourselves.

Also, being eco friendly means you can combine sensible measures with good old-fashioned fun in the process of getting your family back to basics.

A few evenings a week have an Early Switch Off of ALL entertainment systems and electronic devices – TVs, DVDs, PCs, MP3s, PS3s, DSs, XBOXES,Wireless Routers and mobile phones etc. Turn off equipment at the wall that are on standby (microwave, TV, wireless etc) to further reduce electricity consumption and protect your family from the unknown effects of electromagnetic radiation in your home. Play a board game, sit around at the big table – do homework, draw, drink, snack, and talk. Some nights people can do their own things, read, guitar, knit, tidy rooms etc.

Most people really, really dislike being unplugged however be firm and they will soon start to think and plan without having to be constantly be entertained by electronics and makes them more fulfilled as a person. If Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Nikolas Tesla, George Westinghouse and Samuel Morse had computers, PS3s and mobile phones etc, we’d probably all still be living in the dark.


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