ISBN: 9781458035943

Published: May 21, 2011 Words: 86,144  Language: English

Young Ciarán Gruffydd was an instinctive warrior, son of Rhys Gruffydd, Chieftain of Conwy who, like his father before him, would one day protect his people.

That was before he went to the mountain with Áine, and became a man; when the air suddenly filled with a dark rolling mist and there was a dawning magic that summoned him from beyond his ken and beyond everything he’d ever known.

Long ago fey gypsy Galen helped Ciarán’s mother Rhianna return to her rightful place to the past in Medieval Wales, but became trapped between the veils of time for seventeen strange and long years. Now, Galen has found a way home to the present but must take Ciarán with him; and unknowingly endangering his lineage.

Galen’s future wife Rhee Llewellyn mistrusts his motives and when she disappears he and Ciarán must risk their lives to return to Medieval Wales and stop her from accidentally eliminating not only their ancestry but their lives.

Just as they find Rhee, she is abducted and using her sharply honed wits manages to escape the captors who would bring her to the King and in a strange twist she encounters Ciarán’s beloved, Áine who is sailing to Trim Castle in Ireland to cover up a damning secret. Ciarán discovers Áine’s secret and hopes she will learn to forgive him while Galen must find Rhee and restore her faith in him before attempting to return them both to the present day.

Conwy – Book 2 in the Conwy Series is an exciting Time Travel adventure once again follwing the lives of the Gruffydd family and filled with romance, magic and intrigue in an easy-read format.

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