PADRAIG COVER   Buy now for only £2.33

Written by Tracey Lee Hoy  ISBN: 9781458048097 
Published: June 01, 2011 Words: 77,737 Language: English

In desperation, Ciáran Gruffydd sends his son, the handsome but idle Padráig to his kin, William Fraser at Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland where it is hoped the notorious Fraser will encourage Padráig to become responsible in learning the ways of the chieftain to one day lead his people.

However, when Padráig arrives at the Fraser stronghold, the clan’s sworn enemy, Cameron James Knox Macarthur is installed at the Castle and impersonating Padráig. Mistaken for a member of the Macarthur clan, Padráig is taken into the mountains where he is beaten almost to death until a miracle intervenes. Rescued by the unusual young peasant girl, Eílis MacDonnell – a lass with her own mysterious secrets, she heals Padráig in mind and body and gives him renewed sense of purpose.
Cameron, heir of Alexander Macarthur is given a suicidal mission to prove his worth by destroying the Frasers in a long line of cruelties inflicted on him by his father. Sent to Eilean Donan to keep watch on her older brother, Larkin Gruffydd’s presence threatens Cameron’s scheme and he insists on her silence, claiming it is he who has been sent to uncover a plot to ruin the Frasers but soon discovers something about himself which threatens everything he’s been brought up to believe. Larkin vows to discover more about the handsome secretive stranger as he tries to resist her. The opportunity for peace between the clans arises rather unexpectedly as romance and magic intervene.

Padráig is book 3 in the Conwy series   Back to Ebook titles

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