RHUDDLAN fiction wales time-travel
Rhuddlan fiction wales medieval time-travel book ebook welsh paranormal romance


By Tracey Lee Hoy
Published: Feb. 15, 2011
Words: 100,919
Language: English

A pleasant outing for the children of Rhuddlan castle turns into mayhem when a Welsh Chieftain’s young son is abducted by mercenaries. Now there are whispers that the boy’s tiny sister, Rhianna is a changeling child.

Today, Rhee Llewellyn is led to an antique chest and meets the charismatic stranger, Galen when an extraordinary event sends her spinning back through time to Medieval Wales. She is shocked to awaken as Rhianna, who was the changeling child and is disturbed to discover that her injured betrothed, Chieftain Rhys Gruffydd is the man who has plagued her dreams.   The mercenary who injured her betrothed is strangely familiar to the Gruffydds’, however more disturbing is that Rhee is starting to remember a life that was not hers.

Book One in Conwy Series.
Imagine being transported to a world that existed long ago; to live as the betrothed daughter of a Chieftain surrounded by the stark reality of Medieval Wales; of legend, magic, romance, betrayal and its ancient peoples.

Would you really want to go?

Woven in a captivating tale of enchantment, intrigue, treachery, love and magic where time is but a thin veil touching generations of the Gruffydd clan, ‘Rhuddlan’ is the first book of the Conwy series.

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