What Brainstem?

…and Other Anecdotes

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By Tracey Lee Hoy ISBN: 9781465949233

Published: July 29, 2011  Words: 9,667 Language: English

Being a writer is a mad thing in itself, yet writing comes from some place inside which, if you weren’t mad in the beginning then you soon will be. The crazy thing is that writing often emerges along with a multitude of other thoughts, plans, worries and daily narratives.
What Brainstem and Other Amusing Anecdotes is a collection of a few mad stories about everyday life – kids, husband, cats, and dogs amongst other things. We have a choice in life whether to laugh, cry or tear our hair out and having a good laugh sometimes is better than dwelling on the negative things that often happen to us and can definitely give us fuel to struggle on and to fulfil our dreams of true happiness. Look around you, life is more interesting than you realise…

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