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It is my hope that you can ‘live’ for a while in my imagination – that place where dreams are made, and where stories dwell and history lives in my books and musings. That whispers of the fey, or faeries, lore and magic seems entirely possible, so gives you pause if you enter a cave and smell the ancient, dank earth, look across the countryside from the battlements of a castle after climbing the winding, stone staircase, as you sit quietly by a running stream in a wooded area watching fey lights dance about your head, or sit quietly in a field with the sheep watching the mist roll over the hills and feel the chill seep under your skin.   Read more…

Imagine finding yourself in the body of a beautiful young woman in medieval Wales about to marry a powerful Welsh Chieftain. Would you really want to go? 




  1. Rhuddlan is such a great read and deserves to reach a far wider audience. I’ve certainly been recommending it to my own friends and acquaintances. Can’t wait for the follow-up!

  2. How nice to open a page and see Caerphilly Castle…part of my family’s heritage. Good luck with your book sales.

  3. Tracey has successfully interwoven a story of love and intrigue into the historical landscape in “Rhuddlan” – looking forward to the next instalment.

  4. And why so surprised at the good sales? It’s a great book and should be read! Can’t wait for the next one….hurry please!

  5. Love the new clip. When I finished “Rhuddlan”, I wanted the story to continue . Can’t wait to read the next one.

  6. Dear Tracey,

    You go girl! I wish you much success in your writing. And Happy New Year, to boot!

  7. Have only ONE thing 2 say 2 U Tracey….when’s the film out? It transports you back in time….

  8. This is honestly a bestseller. Get this book and read it – you won’t be disappointed, in fact you will be emailing the author to get the sequel published. I’ve also read the extract of the second book, Conwy which I found on the website and I can’t wait for the book! The story created lends itself to a whole series of books. The characters are well drawn, it’s exciting, and moves quickly, but also holds the interest in the slower paced scenes. There’s so much going on it’s just brilliant. Well done!

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